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Ms Kate's Storytime Faves

This week the Terrific Two's & Three's enjoyed two of Ms Kate's favorite stories.

Bark George by Jules Feiffer

Bark George is a silly story about George the dog.  George's mom asks George to bark, but he says everything but "ARF".  Why is George meowing, quacking, oinking, and mooing?  Will he ever say "ARF?"


Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes by Eric Litwin

Pete the cat loves his white shoes.  But what happens when he walks through piles and puddles of different colors? Pete has a groovy attitude about his shoes no matter what color they are, and no matter what he walks through. 

Click here for a video of the author performing a live reading of this book.



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Ms Kate's Storytime Faves

Nothing says summer like a day at the beach!  Or roadwork!

Pig Kahuna by Jennifer Gordon Sattler

Fergus and his little brother, Dink, love collecting the things that wash up on the beach, especially if it means that Fergus doesn't actually have to go in the water. Then one day, they spy the greatest treasure of all-an abandoned surfboard. When no one comes to claim it, they make it the star of their collection and name it "Dave." But when Dave accidentally (on purpose?) gets cast back into the ocean, can Fergus find the courage to rescue him?


Sally Goes to the Beach by Stephen Huneck

This fun-filled tale, told from a dog's point of view, tells of all the wonderful sights, smells, and events Sally experiences while hanging around with the family during a day at the beach.



One Hole in the Road by W. Nikola-Lisa

Introduces the numbers one through ten while describing the people and machinery involved in fixing a hole in the road.




The Mighty Street Sweeper by Patrick H. Moore

Although not the largest or fastest, the little street sweeper truck is proud to be just who he is and works hard to complete the challenging job he has been given to do, in a simple tale with bold illustrations and compare-and-contrast text.


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Explore A World Of Tales and Legends

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Beverly Cleary

Beverly ClearyBeverly Cleary celebrates her 95th birthday on April 12, 2011. What better way to celebrate than to read some of her classic books for children?  Ribsy, the timeless story of a dog who refuses to be civilized, will delight anyone who has ever had a pet of their own (or wanted one). You can read more about Ribsy and his boy, Henry Huggins, in Henry and Ribsy. You'll also enjoy Beezus and Ramona, an engaging tale about the love and rivalry between two sisters---recently made into a lovely family film titled Ramona and Beezus. And don't forget the adventures of Ramona, the peskiest little sister of all time. There are dozens more titles you will enjoy by this beloved childrens' writer.

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Words in the Dust: Ms. Kate Reviews

Ms. Kate Reviews Words in the Dust by Trent Reedy

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Ms Kate's March Storytime Faves

March storytime has been roaring with terrific stories.

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Ms Kate's Storytime Faves

We're reading some great stories!

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Ms Kate's Storytime Faves





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January 15th is National Hat Day

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Get Crafty For the Holidays

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